1. Hi I'm Jon!

      I like solving complex problems and meeting interesting people. I like meeting complex people and solving interesting problems too.

    2. Jon of all trades.

      I'm a strategy consultant at Algas Organics. I enjoy translating research and data into strategic plans, tactics, and business insights. I'm also expanding my skill set with web and graphic design. That means I can be involved in everything from product development and business planning to distribution negotiations, financial management, and market entry.

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    3. My other passion?
      Web Development.

      I design beautiful, responsive websites around products, people, and experiences. Have a compelling story to tell? A product to launch? Need a refresh on your company website? I can help.

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    1. about me

      Name: Jon Daryl Dujon
      Email: [email protected]
      Phone: (604) - 265-1981
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      short history


      In brief...

      I've lived in almost every major city in Canada, but decided to settle in Vancouver.

      I have too many degrees, but they afford me a very wide field of vision.

      I founded an e-think tank that didn't accomplish everything I hoped it would, but but it was exciting and I learned a lot about business and myself.

      I now work with my brother at Algas Organics, processing seaweed into organic fertilizer. I also consult with startups and small companies on product differentiation and how to manage rapid growth (among other things) and build great websites like this one.

      You can see my detailed résumé if you click that button on the left, and there's more about me on the tile to the right.

    2. more history

      My story

      I grew up on the tiny island of Saint Lucia before moving to Barbados for college and grad school. After graduation, I headed to Canada to intern at the Centre for Trade Policy and Law and then back to Saint Lucia, where I worked as Senior Policy Officer at the Ministry of Commerce. While there, I recruited some grad school friends and started an e-think tank with the goal of contributing to public policy by providing non-partisan empirical research to policymakers. I soon discovered an interest in business—I enjoyed making pitches to policymakers, networking, raising capital, and managing the team just as much as research. Soon after, I won a prestigious research award with the International Development Research Centre, and moved back to Ottawa.

      I loved being in Canada, and began to reevaluate my political aspirations (this may or may not have had to do with the fact that I met an incredible woman). Around that same time, my brother and I discovered that we could turn a specific genus of seaweed into a potent biofertilizer. Just like that, I'd been presented with the perfect opportunity to combine my research and analysis skills with my business management interests. I managed our strategic planning and marketing functions, and pursued an MBA so I could learn the fundamentals of business and simultaneously put that new knowledge to work for our startup.

      After the MBA, I moved to Calgary, and then to Vancouver. The incredible woman, now my wife, got a job as a law professor at UBC, so we've (finally!) settled permanently. My current goal is to channel my education and experience into a career in strategy consulting, especially relating to business and innovation. In the meantime, I'm passing on everything I learn from running a startup to other startups, teaching myself how to code, design, and market things, and traveling every chance I get (29 countries and counting!✈️).

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    1. skills

      With knowledge growing so rapidly in almost every field and industry, there is perspective and vision in the cross-fertilization of ideas that comes from developing a broad skill set.

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    2. Research

      It's my most universally transferrable skill. Finding industry trends, identifying problems, designing methodologies, I can do that.


      Analyzing and synthesizing data into ideas and opportunities has been a core part of my experience, both academic and professional.


      I use data and research to find patterns, and use insights from those patterns to devise policies and create action plans.

      Lateral Thinking

      Education across multiple disciplines allows me to solve problems by using divergent ideas, by looking at adjacent possibilities.

      01. Financial Modelling

      02. Financial Analysis

      03. Strategic Planning

      04. Project Mgmt.

      05. Research

      06. Data Analysis

      07. Social Media

      08. Coding

    1. education

      Education is not preparation for life.
      Education is life itself.—John Dewey

      In a world characterised by rapid change, my ultimate goal is to be constantly learning and growing—to stay ahead of the curve, to never fall behind.

      • 01.

        BA, Political Science and Psychology (Double Major)

        The University of the West Indies
        2008 - 2011
      • 02.

        MA, International Trade and Trade Policy

        The University of the West Indies
        2011 - 2012
      • 03.

        MBA, Finance and Strategic Management

        Schulich School of Business, York U
        2015- 2016
      • 04.

        Canadian Securities Institute

        Canadian Securities Course
        In Progress
  1. employment

    • 2018 - 2014

      Algas Organics - Strategy Consultant

      Develop and execute market-specific growth strategies and monitor financial performance.
    • 2016

      RED Community Midwives - Consultant

      Completed cost-benefit analysis for a proposed expansion project.
    • 2014

      IDRC - Researcher/Social Media Mgr

      Curated social media content across platforms, and completed research study on innovation and policymaking in Southeast Africa.
    • 2013

      Ministry of Commerce - Senior Policy Officer

      Led several large-scale projects, including macroeconomic policy evaluations and a national pharmaceutical policy review.

    I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.
    — Thomas Jefferson

    1. side projects

      Travel. Design.
      Code. Me.

      I love traveling and taking photos. That led me to Adobe Lightroom, and then to the rest of Adobe CC, and ultimately to a broader interest in logo design, web development, and coding.

      I'd love to share some of my travels and projects with you.

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  2. blog

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    Is Chinese investment good for the Caribbean?
    Shanique Myrie and Intra-CARICOM migration
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  3. contact

    Vancouver, BC